Advanced Endpoint Protection

Malware Problems, Prevented

Countless viruses, ransomware and other threats threaten our online world. And just one file can cause extensive damage to your computers, networks and mobile devices, which we call endpoints.

The breaches you read about weekly are usually due to malware beating traditional anti-virus (AV) solu- tions and penetrating and infecting an endpoint. This enables hackers and their criminal organizations to access & steal data — and even take control of the devices to use later.

Many breaches start when new, unidentified malware is accidentally or unknowingly downloaded by a user. This malware is so new that many anti-virus and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) tools can’t even identify it. Malware also enters an endpoint as an unknown file or executable. They often do damage immedi- ately or send data back to the hackers for use later. This is happening 24/7 around the world.

The Unknown Problem

“If you can’t detect it, you can’t protect it”

What are Unknown Files?

Files that are not identified yet as either good or bad (malware).

Why is that a problem?

Unknown files and ‘file-less’ code can contain new malware.


Some malware is so well disguised that it’s months before AV and security suite solutions detects it. During that time, malicious files reside on users’ computers, causing problems and stealing information.

How We Solve that problem for you

We use unique AV and A.I. with auto-containment technology to prevent new malware from entering your PCs, devices and your network. Unknown files and code are denied entry and contained while deeper analysis is done.

  • The solution creates a virtual environment, separate from your hard drive, so you can still access the file and remain productive
  • The unknown file automatically runs in containment, while advanced analysis is done until a verdict is determined
  • If the file or code is found to have malware, the verdict is “bad”. It is removed and added to the blacklist and AV signature list

This is the only way to fully protect your organization from new, “unknown” malware.

Advanced Endpoint Protection

AEP secures your servers, desktops, laptops and mobile devices from known and unknown malware, without requiring you to worry about AV signatures or updates. It supports Android, iOS, Windows and Linux systems.

Key Related and Additional Features

  • Fully integrated device management, application management and device security
  • Protection from new malware and zero day exploits including ransomware
  • Essential IT management tools such as remote monitoring and management, patch management and ticketing.
  • Over-the-air enrollment and anti-theft features, like Find My Phone and Sneak

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